Dyno Cell


ADS 2wd Single Roller Chassis Dyno


DC Tuning are proud to have one of the most advanced Dyno/Rolling Road in Ireland and the UK. Advanced dyno solutions dyno is capable of supporting speeds up to 155MPH+ and 1000bhp+. The Dyno was designed for a variety of different testing scenarios – FWD/RWD Cars, Sport cars, Sports saloons, High performance cars, etc.

DC Tuning have specifically chosen the advanced dyno solution dyno purely because of its accuracy, reliability and repeatability. The latest digital control system from sports device is counted as one of the best dyno software’s on the market to date. This means our customers can be assured of the integrity of the results we produce.

With the steel construction and zinc plated knurled rollers this dyno is equipped to handle all your performance needs. It is equipped with a 4200nm eddy brake and you can perform acceleration, step, sweep and steady-state tests.

  • View in real-time torque/horsepower output, at steady and changing speeds, to instantly evaluate changes you’ve made to the engine’s fuel or timing maps.
  • Diagnose engine and drivetrain problems.
  • Troubleshoot drivability issues.
  • Simulate road and track driving style.
  • Bi-directional roller for testing of both RWD and FWD vehicles
  • Dual cooling fans for the which increases load testing time.
  • The dyno cell itself its completely sound proofed and fitted with a modern cooling and extraction system to make sure your car runs at it best potential whilst on the dyno.